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Social Media: Are you even listening?

Social Media: Are you even listening?

Are you listening on social media?I am sick and tired of hearing entrepreneurs and business owners saying that social media does not work. They do not want to invest time, money or effort because they say the ROI is miserable....

/ September 7, 2016

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Your Social Media Audience

(Content warning: Sarcasm Ensues) Social media. Who needs, it right? It’s a pain to keep updated, there are so many to keep track of, and people are so sensitive. Your business was built on brick and mortar and survives through...

/ January 24, 2013

Measuring ROI on Social Media

I got to this funny ad on Youtube while read Neil Patel’s new post on How to Spend Your Marketing Budget and had to really laugh out loud. This is so true. Measuring ROI has become a myth and most...

/ December 18, 2012

Success through Networking

When you hear the word “network”, you probably think of the wireless internet connecting your computers or even of sites such as Facebook. However, there is another important type of network: the people who you know in the small business...

/ April 11, 2011

Business Networking: 5 Tips

If you’re blogging your business, content alone is not going to draw potential customers/ clients to your site. Networking on the other hand, both in person and online, can make a difference if you’re persistent with a broad strategy to...

/ September 30, 2007