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Heaven Is Present, Hell Is Future And Past Doesn't Even Exist

Heaven Is Present, Hell Is Future And Past Doesn’t Even Exist

I think that having clarity on what the past and the future mean will enable you to really focus on the present and be mindful which in turn will enrich your life and enlighten you.

/ January 9, 2019
A Beginners Guide To Meditation

A Beginners Guide To Meditation

This article focuses on the actual practice of meditation itself and how to overcome the challenges. A beginners guide to meditation.

/ January 7, 2019

The True Meaning Of Yoga

Immerse yourself in the thought of yoga (union with God), inwardly non-attached and even-minded in both success and failure. Perfect evenness of mind and feeling itself the definition of yoga. – The Gita In the West and these days even in...

/ January 25, 2017
Thoughts Are Scattered Like Birds

Thoughts Are Scattered Like Birds

It is the nature of the mind to be constantly in motion. Thoughts come un-abided and wreak havoc on the mind. A great Yogi once said that his “disobedient thoughts are scattered like birds before a hunter”. One key to...

/ December 12, 2016

Learning to Be Silent

The pupils of the Tendai school used to study meditation before Zen entered Japan. Four of them who were intimate friends promised one another to observe seven days of silence. On the first day all were silent. Their meditation had...

/ March 18, 2015

Show me your temper?

A Zen student came to Bankei and complained: “Master, I have an ungovernable temper. How can I cure it?” “You have something very strange,” replied Bankei. “Let me see what you have.” “Just now I cannot show it to you,”...

/ March 11, 2015

Your paradise and your hell!

A soldier named Nobushige came to Hakuin, and asked: “Is there really a paradise and a hell?” “Who are you?” inquired Hakuin. “I am a samurai,” the warrior replied. “You, a soldier!” exclaimed Hakuin. “What kind of ruler would have...

/ March 10, 2015

What are you carrying?

Once two Zen monks were walking together along a muddy road. A heavy rain was still falling. Coming around a bend they met an attractive young girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to cross the intersection because of...

/ March 7, 2015
Hyon Gak Sunim Zen Monk

Mirror Of Zen – A Modern Zen Monk

You can practice Zen and can even become a monk in this modern world with out giving up being modern. As the Buddha said, the middle path is the right one. To practice Zen, you do not need to give...

/ March 6, 2015

The Mind Is A Galloping Horse

There is a story in zen circles about a man and a horse. The horse is galloping quickly, and it appears that the man on the horse is going somewhere important. Another man, standing alongside the road, shouts, “Where are...

/ March 2, 2015