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30 day writing challenge

30 Day Writing Challenge

My keyword for the new year will be - "write". To battle my addiction to TV, Netflix, Youtube, and social media, I have taken up the challenge to write every day for the next year - but I will start...

/ January 1, 2019

How Blogging Helps Sell Your Business

When it comes to promoting your business on the Internet, some consider blogging to be even more effective than paid online advertisements. This is a tall claim, but it is very much the truth. Here’s why:

/ December 12, 2012

11 Tips for Sparking More Creative Writing

You’ve produced an editorial calendar, have your writing tools and research sources. But you have a massive to-do list, including blog posts to write, and for some reason the darn things refuse to write themselves. What if you could get...

/ September 17, 2007

Building Online Media Empires

For those of you considering building an online media empire – even a small one – go read Ben Yoskovtiz’s 10 Steps to Building an Online Media Empire. He profiles Wendy Piersall and her mini blog empire relating to stay...

/ September 14, 2007

By Design: Building Trust, Security, Links

Links to articles about building trust with readers, improving or protecting your search engine rankings, and buying backinks safely. Note that a few of these articles are for more advance readers, in terms of implementing their advice.

/ September 5, 2007

Maintaining Blogging Momentum

While surfing through the blogosphere randomly, I came across a Problogger post pointing out a reader comment by Jason, about how he (Jason) maintains both a full-time job and keeps up his blogging momentum. Many new bloggers find they run...

/ September 4, 2007

Better Blogging: Using Headings + Subheadings

Having run a few blog carnivals for a couple of months now, one thing I’ve noticed that’s fairly common is that if a new blogger produces a relatively longer piece of “key content”, it’s often unformatted. That is, it looks...

/ August 29, 2007