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The Wonderful World Of Luxury Jewelry

Tiffany & Co may be the most popular luxury jeweler among the ultra-wealthy shoppers, but it’s not the blue box brand that penta-millionaires of the world deem as the best brand in luxury jewelry. That honor belongs to Graff Diamonds.

/ November 14, 2012

My Favorite Luxury Stores

Even in times of economic difficulties, studies have shown that more and more people are purchasing luxury goods. In the past, luxury items were indulgences of the rich only. Today, however, a growing number of middle class people with a...

/ October 23, 2012

What Are You Wining About?

A great wine is a pleasurable thing. It satiates our senses. It satisfies our need for fine things in life. What better way to enjoy the finer sides of life than go on a luxury wine travel. A luxury wine...

/ October 15, 2012

Only $53,000 A Night! – Necker Island

Islands conjure a romantic feeling. To have 360 degrees of turquoise blue waters, sandy beaches, and lush tropical foliage around you stimulates the imagination. Islands have an aura of mystique that magnetizes us urban dwellers. In an island, the temperature...

/ October 2, 2012

The Ultimate Luxury Cruise

If they’re not renting or buying secluded islands in remote locations around the globe, the super rich go on a luxury cruise. And with Silversea’s latest $1.5 million per couple offering, vacation for the rich just got even more luxurious....

/ September 20, 2012

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition Watch

For our wedding anniversary a couple of months back, my lovely wife bought me my first Tag Heuer watch – The Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition! I wanted to write a little bit about this watch – not about the...

/ August 21, 2012

For My Listening Pleasure

Most of us carry our music on some sort of iDevice, which is definitely handy. My iPod is portable, sleek and sturdy, allowing me to hear any music that I desire in any time and place. It is light and...

/ April 17, 2012

Rolex? No Thank You

Honestly, there are so many premium men’s watches out there that I have forgotten what Rolex looks like. There are so many elite brands and models out there that the old names since to be fading into the sunset. The...

/ October 5, 2011

Where Economy Meets Luxury

When you think of economy airline tickets, what comes to mind? Child-sized seats with dirty upholstery, endless hours trapped next to a screaming baby or in front of a champion karate kicker. However, many airlines are redefining economy by offering...

/ September 29, 2011

Your Next Dream Home

If you have been dying to get your hands on a piece of Dubai but simply unable to afford the price tag, you may finally have another opportunity to own your own island paradise. The largest man-made island in the...

/ September 23, 2011