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The History of Bourbon

Bourbon may seem like a strange name for a whiskey, especially when compared to other global whisky names. Whisky from Canada is called Canadian Whisky, and whiskey from Ireland is called Irish Whiskey. So where did bourbon get this unique...

/ August 4, 2011

Belgian Whisky? Can It Be?

If you buy whisky on a regular basis, you are probably used to seeing a handful of countries on the label. Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States are generally considered the ‘major league’ players while India, Japan and New...

/ July 18, 2011

Blended whisky is not evil incarnate

Once you have experienced the wonders of a great single malt, you never go back to blends. That is what many whisky experts will have you think, that is. Do blends have a place in the alcohol cabinets and bars...

/ June 30, 2011