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Famous Whisky Regions of Scotland

It often seems like almost every region of Scotland is a prime Scotch whiskey region. However, there are several main areas that are best known for their single malt whisky, each having a list of special characteristics. Here are the...

/ June 30, 2011

Asian Whisky?

When most people talk about the national origin of a whisky, they are discussing Irish vs. Scotch vs. American vs. Irish. However, there is another region that is producing an icreasing amount of whisky, sometimes with outstanding results. Asia, where...

/ June 21, 2011

Issues of National Importance

Many newcomers to the whisky scene—and indeed a few long-term fans—may wonder how important national origin is when it comes to whisky. There are four main areas that produce whisky—Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States—and each has a very...

/ June 21, 2011