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Whisky and Terroir

Some whisky lovers swear that scotch whiskies from certain areas are superior, while others feel just as strongly that geography is over-rated. The general consensus, however, is that terroir is a critical part of a whisky, even though there are...

/ June 30, 2011

How Whisky Is Rated?

Whenever you read about a whisky, the rating is sure to come up. Ratings are an excellent tool for comparing and contrasting different whiskies. They let you know how much you will enjoy a given whisky and whether it is...

/ June 21, 2011

The Art of Enjoying Whisky

If you are a whisky fan on your way to becoming an aficionado, you may be interested in attending tasting both in public and in the homes of other hard drink lovers. However, many worry that they will do something...

/ June 21, 2011