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Knob Creek 9 Year Old Whiskey – 82/100

We write a lot about whisky, but even the most snobbish connoisseur of Scotch single malts enjoys the occasional bourbon. This Kentucky whiskey has a lot to offer when it comes to drinking enjoyment, especially when the spirit is well-made...

/ September 15, 2011

The History of Bourbon

Bourbon may seem like a strange name for a whiskey, especially when compared to other global whisky names. Whisky from Canada is called Canadian Whisky, and whiskey from Ireland is called Irish Whiskey. So where did bourbon get this unique...

/ August 4, 2011

Buffalo Trace Whisky Review – 88/100

When you drink Buffalo Trace, you are not just having a nice drink of bourbon; you are experiencing an artisan product created with the methods used by our ancestors. Buffalo Trace is created at one of the oldest known distilling...

/ July 16, 2011