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A Closer Look at Your Business Plan

From personal to business, planning is always necessary for survival. In the case of starting entrepreneurs, a business plan summarizes the different facets of your business from mission/vision, long-term directions, and financial estimates. While this is a serious requirement among...

/ July 11, 2007

Learning from Business Failures

When setting up a new business or expanding in other territories, our first logical step as an entrepreneur is to study the strategies and systems of the leading players in the market. We try to identify best practices and incorporate...

/ July 11, 2007

Expand Your Business Outside US

Improvements in transportation system together with technological advances like Internet, social networking, and VoIP created a world without borders. Globalization has finally arrived! This is the time to draft your global business strategies and take over the world. According to...

/ July 8, 2007

Being an Internet Entrepreneur is not easy

Having been an internet entrepreneur for a number of years now, I have come to realize it is not an easy job. Recently, I started having scaling problems in my business. Scaling problems means you are becoming successful. But my...

/ April 27, 2007