Category: Marketing & Advertising

Surviving A Google Penalty

It’s a common story: you optimize your site, watch your rankings climb, make a few more changes, and then suddenly your Page Rank crashes. There are several things that can cause this, but the most common factor is that you...

/ October 10, 2011
Marketing Your Local Business Online

SEO and Internal Links

You often hear about internal links on SEO websites, mainly that they are crucial for increasing your page rank. However, many website owners don’t really understand what we actually mean by the term. Here is a short guide to internal...

/ September 30, 2011

Naming Your Brand

A lot is written about naming small businesses, and with good reason. Your small business name will function as a first impression for your company and have a prominent placement in your logo design. Your name is a central part...

/ September 28, 2011

SEO On A Budget

Many small business owners avoid search engine optimization because they worry that it will cost too much money and give them only marginal results. However, just the opposite is true. A reputable SEO expert can increase your ranking, your page...

/ September 28, 2011

Deadly SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

No matter how much energy and money you invest in your website, it is worth nothing if it doesn’t get the necessary amount of traffic. In a perfect world, search engine crawlers would be all over your website, reporting back...

/ September 26, 2011
An Experimental Marketing Primer

An Experimental Marketing Primer

Experimental marketing is one of those topics that many people talk about, but few can define. While it is one of the entrepreneurial buzzwords of the new decade, many business owners have no idea what it really means, much less...

/ September 19, 2011

Is Your Landing Page Killing Your Sales?

If you are like many ecommerce website administrators, you are constantly tweaking your landing pages. Indeed, we write about this one topic so much because it is of huge importance to your success. However, there are a few things that...

/ August 31, 2011
Small Business Marketing Basics

Small Business Marketing Basics

We write a lot about marketing and branding, as it is the only way to ensure small business success. However, many people get so mired in the details that they forget the core strategies that lay the foundation for a...

/ July 8, 2011
5 Ways to Get Free Online Publicity

5 Ways to Get Free Online Publicity

Once you have a professionally designed small business website, brand and logo design, you probably want for your potential customers to take notice. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Building online presence takes time, but small business owners...

/ June 12, 2011