otherwise rejected the diagnosis of varicose veins. However, keep in mind that the context of varicose ulcers can occur for various reasons, are not related to venous disease. The final diagnosis is confirmed by bacteriological examinations, it was cut and biopsy tissue of the vein along the kitchen mother yazvy.Primenyaetsya coltsfoot, creams, and part of the baths, medical treatment costs. The broth is prepared as follows: 2 tbsp. For you. Dried leaves Pour boiling water 1 cup, allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes, then brought visite proscar site into the islands, cooling, take one tablespoon. For you. 2-3 times a day. It can also boil the solution in the treatment of venous ulcers. In addition, to accelerate healing of venous ulcers and prolonged healing of sores can be used in the fresh leaf juice of the mother and half-mother. To improve the therapeutic effect can be a time of coltsfoot, and apparently the mother to use, and the raw materials include the driver vnutr.Lekarstvennoe, saponin, oil tannins, dextrose, ascorbic acid, a volatile ,


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