When you drink Buffalo Trace, you are not just having a nice drink of bourbon; you are experiencing an artisan product created with the methods used by our ancestors. Buffalo Trace is created at one of the oldest known distilling sites in the United States. It is crafted according to the traditions that have defined Kentucky straight bourbon through the decades. Like the people who developed it, Buffalo Trace is independent, confident, and fierce.

The caramel brown color is pleasant to behold and hints at the richness of the drink. It is an impressive and intriguing drink from the nose to the finish. Like the month of March, it comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb; while you are almost overwhelmed with the strength and flavor of Buffalo Trace at first, it settles quickly into a pleasant and comfortable tasting experience.

One of the things that we love about Buffalo Trace is that it is an affordable bourbon. It is cheap enough to use as a mixer, but connoisseurs will want to sip it neat and enjoy the smooth, complex flavor. One of the most common complaints that we hear is that it is too spicy. It indeed carries a lot of spice in the nose and the palate, but it has a lot of balancing elements that we think keep it from being overwhelming. It gives a lot of insight into the way bourbon tasted in “the good old days.”

Nose: 22/25. In many ways, this is a classic archetypical bourbon, and the nose is one example. Buffalo Trace has a very complex nose, one of the most complex we have seen in American spirits. Once you get past the initial burn of black pepper and ethanol, you will notice sweet elements such as toffee, raisins, cinnamon and spice, and even some sweet corn. There is a lot of dryness as well, giving the sweet elements a leathery overture.

Palate: 21/25. Buffalo Trace may be complex, but it is smooth bodied and velvety, more so than most Kentucky bourbons. It is smooth and almost oily… but not quite. Once the elements from the nose begin to die down, you will be hit by a spicy, dark chocolate that is notable without being too sweet. Throughout the drinking process you will notice a definite sweet corn undertone that is overwhelmed at times by the grain and oak.

Finish: 22/25. Buffalo Trace has a lingering finish with more dark chocolate taste along with a little vanilla. The earthiness shows up at the end, creating a nice flavor progression. It is a gentle and smoldering finish that leaves a noticeable thickness in your mouth.

Character: 23/25. Buffalo Trace is a typical bourbon, and it has a polish and depth that have come to define this type of spirit. It is perfect for pairing with cigars or fine foods in order to explore different flavor profiles. It has a little ‘smoking jacket’ attitude; you will always feel suave with a glass of this butterscotch liquid in your hand.

Overall Rating For Buffalo Trace Whisky Review: 88/100

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