Top 10 Makeup Brand Logos

Makeup is a uniquely appearance oriented industry, with millions of women all over the globe striving to improve their own appearance using this product. This makes branding very important, as companies must send a strong message to customers to differentiate themselves from the competition. The following ten companies use their fashion logo to send a message that they are the answer to every imperfection and insecurity.

1. Shiseido Makeup Brand Logo Design

Shiseido Makeup Brand Logo Design
This Japanese cosmetics company is the oldest makeup company in the world, but it uses its logo to show that it is still moving forward. In particular, the S at the beginning and in the middle of the word both are drawn as wavy lines, a shape that usually connotes movement. Their best known product may be the iconic Shiseido red, a color that is all the more appropriate as the color of their clothing logo. The rest of the letters are simple and thin, letting the splash of color and reference to movement take center stage.

2. Carole’s Daughter Makeup Brand Logo Design

Carole’s Daughter Makeup Brand Logo Design
Carole’s Daughter offers gentler, more natural beauty products, with special attention to the palettes and features favored by women of color. The colors of the logo, in shades of a rich, attractive brown, are very appropriate for this company, while the cursive lettering and the flower above it are both feminine and soft, exactly how many women wish for their makeup to feel. The tagline below, ‘beauty by nature’, hints at the natural products used in this line of makeup and skincare products.

3. Max Factor Makeup Brand Logo Design

Max Factor Makeup Brand Logo Design
This makeup brand’s logo ties into its branding and tagline seamlessly, which may be the reason for its overwhelming success. The main feature of the brand is that it is used by makeup artists, which is exactly what its tagline states. The word ‘Max’ is made up by white circles that include customers in the promise of professional quality makeup while also invoking images of stage lights. The word ‘Factor’ as well as the tagline is written in an ultra-modern font that is also rounded for friendliness. The black and white color palette is timeless and sophisticated.

4. Origins Makeup Brand Logo Design

Origins Makeup Brand Logo Design
It’s impossible to look at this logo and not understand that this cosmetic company offers plant based and all natural goods, making the logo design a huge success. First, the key image is of two rather substantial trees basking in the sunlight. The color is monotone green, adding a bright touch without complicating the image or the message. The tagline, “Powered by nature. Proven by science,” expresses the company’s aims perfectly in just a few words.

5. Bonne Bell Makeup Brand Logo Design

Bonne Bell Makeup Brand Logo Design
Millions of adult women grew up buying Bonne Bell lip gloss, and the company is trying to build the adult image that will keep this customers coming back. While the same fruit flavored, pastel products are available, the logo features a sophisticated black and gray color palette to represent a new line of adult products. The company name is written plainly and simply—no childishness or fun there. A circle implies that the brand is still as friendly as ever, and it appears to have been drawn with a lipstick or lip gloss. This ties the colorless logo back into the makeup industry seamlessly.

6. Aveda Makeup Brand Logo Design

Aveda Makeup Brand Logo Design
This is another company that has found great success appealing to people who love all natural products. However, its logo is very different from the others. The color palette is a simple black and white. The letters are written in a simple, block font with pointy edges reminiscent of a strong triangle. There are circular accents, adding a touch of legitimacy. The tagline is below the company name, explaining that Aveda offers ‘the art and science of pure flower and plant essences’.

7. Urban Decay Makeup Brand Logo Design

Urban Decay Makeup Brand Logo Design
It’s not hard to gather from the name of this makeup company that they are offering a product very different from the others. The logo continues this impression. The key image is the company name written in some kind of dripping paint, as though it was messily scrawled on a wall. With graffiti a major part of every city in the United States, it’s to see how this gives the brand an edgy, citified presence that attracts people looking for a makeup brand that is different from the rest.

8. MAC Makeup Brand Logo Design

MAC Makeup Brand Logo Design
The MAC logo seems simple, but it has several features designed to communicate key information about the company to the consumer. First, the writing is made of connected lines that are ultra-modern, in keeping with one of the key values of the brand. The edges are slightly rounded to give a more friendly feeling, while the dots connecting the three letters add needed emphasis.

9. NARS Makeup Brand Logo Design

NARS Makeup Brand Logo Design
Like MAC, NARS has a name that is an acronym along with an ultra-modern, text only logo that is in a simple black and white color scheme. However, this logo manages to produce a very different image. First, the letters of the NARS logo are so thin as to be considered unassuming. However, they overlap in a way that is reminiscent of modern art, while the MAC logo is bold and all business. Last, there are no accents in the NARS logo, leaving all the emphasis on the name itself.

10. Stila Makeup Brand Logo Design

Stila Makeup Brand Logo Design
What makes a makeup logo work? For some of these, it is a tie to nature that suggests high quality, safe products. For others, it is a simple, text only logo with unconventional writing that shows the company’s edgy roots. These very different logos are successful because they communicate important information about the company and inspire their customer base to try the product.