Top 10 Consulting Logo Designs

All logo designs seen on this page were created by Logo Design Works for our clients.


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A consultant’s logo must say many things—reliability, technical skill, and knowledge of the field. All of these add up to results, which is why most companies hire a consultant in the first place. This is a diverse field where business consulting logos vary widely depending on the type of consultancy in question, but the following ten logo designs have one important thing in common: excellence.

1. B2B Connexions Logo Design

B2B Connexions Logo Design
A very solid looking logo, the B2B connexions logo showcases two arrows connected to each other representing the connection between businesses. LogoDesignWorks® worked with the client to not only design the logo but also clarify their brand value and come up with a robust brand strategy which was then extended to the marketing materials and website. We also added a simple block behind the arrows to signify an abstract building since most of this client’s target audience were in the construction industry.

2. Rumbrook Partners Logo Design

Rumbrook Partners Consulting Logo Design
When Rumbrook Partners came to LogoDesignWorks®, they wanted a colorful and vibrant logo that broadcasted the message of fostering relations between businesses in a partnership environment. The design team at Logo Design Works came up with a few designs based on these premises and the client picked this one with three 3D looking rings interlocked and sporting 3 different colors. The use of a professional font and the dark background makes the logo pop.

3. Jazira Logo Design

Jazira Consulting Logo Design
Jazira, a consulting firm located in Dubai, UAE, wanted a very elegant and sophisticated logo that focused on the name with minimal use of an icon. This was quite a challenge since the Middle East market was saturated with quite visual and in your face logo designs. So we decided to get to the core of the company and then translate that into one visual element. After some digging and research we realized that they core philosophy was to help businesses get to their goal horizons so we created a logo with a professional custom font with just one curved line going through the text looking like the horizon.

4. Matt Cox Consulting Logo Design

Matt Cox Consulting Logo Design
Matt Cox is a freelance web marketer/developer/product manager and creates and implements online marketing strategies, as well as frontend & backend web development. He differentiates himself by being able to bridge the gap between business and technical and able to communicate effectively and assess business requirements from non-technical users, create technical requirements, and implement the solution. Matt also offers an out-sourced approach to web marketing and technical solutions, which covers not only implementation, but pro-active recommendation of new opportunities. We felt that a web 2.0 style of logo with the name in a modern font and a clever hidden arrow in the letter “X” to indicate forward progress.

5. KOL Ventures Logo Design

KOL Ventures Consulting Logo Design
KOL Ventures Inc., an Ontario based managed based consultancy in web and marketing fields wanted a logo that had the image of the world. Although the design team at LogoDesignWorks® felt that it would be tough to brand yourself effectively with an old world icon in your logo, we ploughed ahead and created an icon that looks classic and still professional and elegant. Working with cliched images is always tough in logo designing. Some times it may be easy to design it, but the brand would have a tough time promoting it effectively and build a corporate image.

6. Lambert Consulting Logo Design

Lambert Consulting Logo Design
Lambert Consulting Services came to Logo Design Works with a very simple brief – create an iconic logo that can stand by itself as well as work with the text counterpart. During reseach we realized that the client helped segment their clients’ markets and help them with marketing. We therefore decide to create an icon made up with the two initials “L” and “C” to create an icon that looked like a pie chart signifying the aspect of the client’s business which segments and helps. The icon was powerful and the client had since used it on a lot of branding and marketing materials.

7. Channel Partners Consulting Logo Design

Channel Partners Consulting Logo Design
“Connecting The Right Partners” was the moto of this client, Channels Partners and this sparked our creativity to come up with a design direction that would show a radial convergence of partners coming together towards the center where the client is positioned to provide a service that connects the right partners. The result was a very simple design with glassy beads or spheres coming in concerntric circles towards the center where we put the company name intersecting the circles.

8. Mimrix Consulting Logo Design

Mimrix Consulting Logo Design
This consultancy uses an image that will be familiar to business-people everywhere: an abstract flower. This combined with the tranparent color choice gives a decidedly businesslike feeling that will appeal to many companies looking for a consultant. The rest of the logo design is equally serious, with upper case writing in a stark, modern font. The modern feeling of the font keeps the logo design from feeling a little too boring.

9. Andra Partners Logo Design

Alosi Group Consulting Logo Design
This logo design is clever and interesting to look at, with an A and a P placed together to create two shields out of one attractive image. The blue used in both the image and the lettering is calming and reassures worried clientele, while the plain, upper case writing lets the public know that this company is all business. This logo design is sure to earn a second glance, which is exactly what makes it so perfect.

10. Relevan Consulting Logo Design

Relevan Consulting Logo Design
Relevan, is a consulting organization that primarily works within the healthcare industry. The primary goal is to improve the quality, and safety, of care that patients receive when entering healthcare organizations. Thus, they partner with hospitals, clinics, and individual nurses and physicians to provide consultation, training, and professional development services. Their primary clients are healthcare, we work with CEOs and chief nurse officers of hospital systems, nurse managers, staff nurses, and physicians in clinical practice.