If so, you aren’t alone. Many people dream of quitting their day job and opening a business that will allow them to truly follow their passions. A large percentage of these people think that their dreams can never come true, but entrepreneurs like Jim McGown are living the dream every day.

Jim McGown went to school to be a mathematician and ended up a career real estate developer, but neither field felt right. He longed for a career change and went out on a limb, buying a neighborhood pub and revamped it into an up and coming pizza shop that is the talk of Brooklyn.

Being noted for good pizza in a neighborhood known for it is quite a task, especially for a novice. However, he learned from the best. While the area was once known for authentic Italian pizzas, most of the old generation had retired. As it turned out, there were many old timers willing to share their secrets with someone who shared their passion. Check out the top 10 pizza company logos.

McGown took notes and caught on quickly. He focused on quality, making an authentic crust that any Italian would love and cooking it in an authentic coal brick oven. He decided quickly that toppings would overcomplicate his masterpiece and prefers to leave it to pizza companies like Dominos Pizza, and instead offered just one style of pizza: the old world margherita.

Focusing on one dish and mastering it proved to be a good business move. When South Brooklyn Pizza opened, it earned high reviews from locals and newspapers alike. Within months, people were traveling from nearby boroughs and even neighboring states to try this authentic Italian pizza. While many small businesses struggle to break even, this pizzeria will bring in well into the six figures in its first year.

The restaurant business is particularly fickle, but McGown accidentally hit on one sure recipe for success: mastering a signature dish. Although restaurant failures run between sixty and ninety percent depending on the study, offering a dish that people will return for is one way to buffer a business against these staggering odds.

McGown hasn’t always been so lucky. For instance, he recently lost money in a yacht club he purchased years ago. However, he was willing to learn from his mistakes and take steps to rebound. One lesson was in branding. In his current business, he focuses on a signature dish that has become the focus of the entire venture. However, the pizza is not the only thing sold on the premises. After experimentation, the savvy owner introduced two side dishes: breadsticks and oven baked chocolate chip cookies.

One of the secrets to the success is that McGown opened his pizzeria in an area where pizza remains a popular choice. Many Brooklynites go out for pizza three times per week. They are passionate about the savory pie and will discuss it with friends and family. This created the word of mouth buzz that has been the sole marketing of the restaurant.

McGown plans to open more locations using his keep it simple business plan. His aims are easy: he wants his patrons to leave feeling that his pizza and cookies are the best they have ever had. Because he focuses solely on those products, this kind of excellence is within his reach. The uniqueness and good branding of the restaurant ensures that it will have many years of success in pizza-loving Brooklyn.