The Many Faces of MTV Logo Design


A flexible logo design is now in demand as brands are exposed in different media and events. Businesses need to adapt to different conditions and even ride the wave of the future. Instead of changing your logo design from time to time, why not create a flexible one?

MTV Logo the Classic Example

We know Google logo changes according to holiday or special events. An innovative candidate is with its ability to include our photos on Obama’s logo design.

But nothing beats the flexibility exhibited by the famous MTV logo. Created Created more than 25 years ago by Frank Olinsky and his Manhattan Design team, it is constantly changing according to music genre, holidays, seasons, cultures or graphic trends. In fact, this logo design prides itself for its ability to change.

From the basic black letter “M” and dripping “tv” in small caps to symbolize music television, it has undergone perhaps hundreds of iterations but its fundamentals remain over the years. All redesigns are based on the signs of times and preferences of the youth generation.

Make Your Logo Flexible

Yes, flexibility requires you to be a bit creative and knowledgeable about graphic design software. Before making any wild attempts, play around with basic elements like logo colors and common Photoshop effects.

Note this logo design is not for everyone. You need to test if your target market is receptive to this idea. A financial logo design, for instance, connotes stability and trust. I bet using different logos to a bunch of financially-distressed individuals will simply not work. Know your market, that is.

via Writing for Designers