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Nikka Yoichi 5 Year Single Cask Whisky – 63/100

Most whisky lovers have heard of Japanese Nikka Distillery. This brand has had a huge effect on the Japanese whisky scene. Founded by the ‘father of Japanese whisky’, Taketsuru Masataka, Nikka was founded in the town of Yoichi in Hokkaido,...

/ September 2, 2011

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Whisky – 91/100

While Japanese whiskies were originally the butt of jokes, no one who has tasted them will laugh along. Yamazaki 18 is one whisky that has built the reputation of both its parent company (Suntory) and its nation. If you have...

/ August 12, 2011

Japanese Whisky: A Beginner’s Guide

If you love whisky, especially Scotch, then you have good reason to be interested in Japanese Whisky. Japanese whisky has a unique history and its own set of traditions, but it remains very similar to scotch with a few notable...

/ July 7, 2011