For our wedding anniversary a couple of months back, my lovely wife bought me my first Tag Heuer watch – The Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition! I wanted to write a little bit about this watch – not about the features and the movement etc (you can find out more about it here) but more about the personal and emotional side of owning this beautiful watch.

I am quite a big fan of luxury watches. I love high quality precision haute horlogerie. I never really much cared for watches till I got my first semi-luxury watch in 2008 – a Tissot T005 – which I bought on a trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. Incidentally, that was also the first time I went paragliding and conquered my fear of heights!

Even since I got the Tissot, I got interested in watches and in luxury watches in particular. It was not before January 2012 that I really got into the whole concept luxury and hand crafted products and services. The fever gripped me on my visit to Monte Carlo last year when I came face to face to true luxury and high living. I was surrounded by opulence and luxury – from the beautiful and stunning luxurious Hotel De Paris to the Casino Royale to the 100 Foot Yachts moored in the Monaco bay and the 5 star service every where. I peeked into what it means to have true luxury and I became interested in understanding how luxury works.

Anyway, back to the Monaco Grand Prix watch. So, I had always wanted a Tag Heuer and when my wife bought me this limited edition, I was over the moon. The first day I held the watch in my hands, I was overwhelmed with how beautiful and fine it was. From the superbly clear crystal on the top, the beautifully designed case, the distinctive red ring around one of the buttons on the side to the gleaming hand polished hour markers, the stunning red chronograph hand and the minute details of the dial, the watch was a thing of beauty.

I felt I had arrived and reached a certain stage my life. Of course this was not directly related to my affordability. I could have bought a watch like this a few years back but it was more about my mind being able to appreciate beautiful things and of wanting to own them. I believe every entrepreneur should invest in a good luxury watch – even before you have arrived where you want to. The beautiful time piece on your wrist will be a constant reminder or the fine things in life and help motivate you. At least it works in my case.

I now regularly wear this watch every where I go and I have my mind set on the upcoming Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Skyfall Limited Edition watch. I love James Bond movies and particularly like Daniel Craig (especially in Casino Royale) and would be thrilled to get my hands on it.