AeroMéxico (registered as Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V.), is a Mexican airline based in Mexico City, Mexico. Established in 1934, Aeromexico has domestic services and international services to Asia, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America and USA.

The Aeromexico airlines logo design is a simple iconic logo that depicts a side profile of a Mayan/Azetec face with full hear gear and an eagle’s face on top. The design looks like one of these tribal leaders that don animal heads as head gear.

I love this logo. The icon is awesome and ties into the ancient history that Mexico and the rest of Latin America is proud of. The simple silhouette of the human face and the eagle face is quite powerful and elegant.


I would have perhaps preferred a better branding on the plane itself. Some thing like the Virgin Airlines perhaps. But then the advantage that Virgin has is the bold red color.


AeroMexico has 650 daily flights to 84 destinations on 4 continents, with a global fleet of 128 airplanes.

Global coverage by AeroMexico Airlines

Global coverage by AeroMexico Airlines

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