Marketing to college students and young adults of different age groups can be a challenge because it seems like each has their own sense of what they are looking for in a brand. Children and teens have such different preferences that there is almost no overlap in the brand aspects that please both groups. Marketing to college students and teens also has its own unique challenges.

The Mobile Generation

One thing that differentiates this generation of Marketing to College Students and Young Adults from the ones before it is the mobile nature of their lives. They didn’t just grow up with the internet; they grew up with it available on telephones and in their cars.  They are more likely to buy an app on their smart phone than a book and more likely to patronize the shops and businesses that their GPS leads them to. This means that businesses wanting to reach them must have not just an online presence, but one that can be accessed by cell phone and/or text.

Make It Quick

Marketing to College Students and Young Adults tend to perceive themselves as very busy—even if most adults remember this time as one of the more carefree in their lives! You must keep it simple and as fast as possible when it comes to sales pitches. Simple copy is often the best choice for this group, especially if you can work in a little humor without adding to the word count.

Catch Me if You Can

While many companies assume that they can reach Marketing to college students at a college or university, this is no longer the case. Over half of today’s College Students and Young Adults live at home and are commuting to school or attending classes through nontraditional means such as the internet. You’ll have to look in unusual places, such as book stores (online and off) and coffee shops. You’ll have to identify your demographic with a tag more specific than ‘college student’ and then market to them from that angle.

Keep It Real

Marketing to College Students and Young Adults can smell a fake, so don’t try to be cooler, hipper, and younger than you really are. But that’s okay, because they don’t mind dealing with another generation. If you are technologically savvy and sell products that meet their needs, you won’t need to fake trendiness; they’ll be happy to patronize you anyway. They define what is hip, and you will never be “it”. Be yourself; that’s cool enough.

Don’t Forget the Parents!

As with children and teens, you will need to make sure that your products and your brand are attractive to parents as well. After all, they are usually the ones who have the checkbook and the regular cash flow. While you don’t need to market directly to them, you have to make sure that you are professional enough not to scare them off completely.

Focus on the Product

This will help you to obey our other rules, like keeping things simple and avoiding a forced sense of sense of cool. If College Students and Young Adults are enticed by your brand and wowed by your product, you have just won over this demographic.