If you’re designing a page or running an e-store I bet you’re curious to know the behavior or reading pattern of your online visitors. Thanks to eye tracking method, researchers can analyze where online visitors are looking on your site. The output is what we call heatmaps.

Though this is a very useful tool, most entrepreneurs do not use eyetracking method for the simple reason that this service is not quite affordable. The good news is there are several sites simulating heatmaps to help you optimize your Web pages.

One such site is Feng-GUI. In essence, it answers one of the most important questions in Web usability: What your online visitors are looking at? Here’s the technical version:

The Feng-GUI heatmap is based upon neuro-science studies of feature integration theory, salience, visual attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.

It’s a user-friendly site. Just type your Web address, hit “enter”, and Feng-GUI will generate your heatmap in a few seconds. You can also save the image for your basis. Here’s a sample of heatmap for our main page.


How accurate is Feng-GUI compared to eyetracking? Of course, there’s really no substitute to a formal eyetracking research. Just take a look at the comparison table below and be the judge.


Via Neuromarketing