According to a study, one of the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs face is finding new business or expanding territories. That is why sales leads are very important to grow our business.

Sales leads are prospective people or businesses interested in availing your products or services. These leads come from your online and offline marketing initiatives like Internet marketing, trade shows, advertising, and networking in your industry.

While technology like emails and Internet networking sites help make lead generation easier, the hardest part is closing the deal. Students of Success imparts some essential tips to convert leads into sales. Marketing writer David Ward shares 9 ½ techniques to generate leads without spending too much.

Diversify your approach. Whether it’s a cold-call program, e-mail marketing, direct mail or a podcast, don’t become overly reliant on one lead generation tactic. “People are always looking for the one killer tactic to give them all the leads they need,” says Brian Carroll, author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. “Instead, you have to think of lead generation as a portfolio and use multiple tactics.”