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Grand Jersey: A Tribute to a Grand Hotel!

Though the News item about Hand Picked Hotels, the mega hotelier, buying the Grand Jersey in Jersey Island on the Channel Islands had been in the media for quite some months, I wasn’t bothered much. It wasn’t my business; after...

/ February 20, 2015

Abyssinia Restaurant: Recipes That Have Survived For Centuries!

Abyssinia: The Gift of the Blue Nile in the Horn of Africa. Abyssinia is the old name of the present day Ethiopia. There is a mention of this place, I was told, in the Old Testament, and they say King...

/ January 21, 2015

Ghent, Cologne Germany Trip

The Christmas markets in Ghent and Cologne in Germany are wonderful. In fact, the drive to Cologne via Bruges in Belgium and Ghent in Germany is awesome!

/ December 19, 2014

Madrid, Toledo Spain Trip

Beautiful Toledo and Madrid in Spain.

/ May 19, 2014

Prague – A Romantic Destination

I love travelling. My wife loves travelling. My kids love travelling. In fact we spend over 2 months a year travelling around the world. I have visited 145 cities in 25 countries on 4 continents. I say this not to...

/ June 26, 2013

Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children

I was reading David Airey’s post on his Swimming Pool Wish List and started thinking about my travel wish list for 2013. I and my wife love to travel and do so at every opportunity. In fact in the last couple...

/ January 2, 2013