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Social Media: Are you even listening?

Social Media: Are you even listening?

Are you listening on social media?I am sick and tired of hearing entrepreneurs and business owners saying that social media does not work. They do not want to invest time, money or effort because they say the ROI is miserable....

/ September 7, 2016
Misguided Marketing Messages

Misguided Marketing Messages

Misguided Marketing Messages: I was at Wren’s Kitchens the other day trying to order a kitchen for our house (I will be doing a post and a video on my experience with Wren at a later date) and saw a...

/ December 28, 2015

Are Marketing Agencies Worth It?

As your company and brand grows, you will eventually have to expand your marketing efforts to a wider audience and develop a more in-depth marketing plan. Marketing agencies are meant to provide a way to scale your marketing operations quickly...

/ September 18, 2013

Newsjack for Extra Marketing Punch

If you want a quick, easy way to connect with customers, newsjacking is a great way to do it. Newsjacking is when you build off of current events or pop culture trends and incorporate it into your own brand communications....

/ August 30, 2013

7 SEO Changes You Need to Make Right Now

Most website owners aren’t even aware that their site is having SEO problems, instead just lamenting on their low rank and poor visibility. Some turn to contractors and SEO consultants, paying out exorbitant fees in the hopes they can turn...

/ March 6, 2013

How Great Content Marketing Improves SEO

Although content marketing is not a new concept, many businesses are still hazy about what it is and how it benefits them. Simply put, content marketing involves creating and sharing media and information in order to attract customers. Content marketing...

/ February 26, 2013

Win Customers with these 4 Great Contest Ideas

Contests can be a great way to engage customers, especially if they’re fresh and exciting. Innovative contests that go far beyond the regular raffles and sweepstakes can better capture a customer’s interest and encourage participation. Below, I’ve listed four great...

/ February 21, 2013