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How The Purge Ruined My Sunday

I must admit, The Purge is the worst movie I have seen this year! I am actually glad I did not go to the cinema to watch this as I had originally planned to. When the Blue-ray came out last...

/ March 23, 2014
steve brice ice sculptures

Brice On Ice: Super-cool Art

I used to write a lot about small business success stories and craftsmen and their artisan like qualities. Then I stopped. For no apparent reason. I did write a few craftsmanship articles for one of my business websites, but not for my...

/ January 23, 2013

No Time To Think!

It is Sunday evening and time to write my daily post. I and my family had a marathon session of Downton Abbey Season #3 – all 8 episodes in one day. We started in the morning and ended at almost...

/ January 13, 2013

30 Day Challenge 2013 – Day 1

Ever since I started following Matt Cutts’ 30 Day Challenge series last year I was quite to try one of my own. In December I decided that I would try 2 30 Day challenges in the New Year. The first...

/ January 1, 2013

The 4 Most Important Employees Every Startup Needs

While you can start a business with nothing more than a great idea and a lot of drive, it’ll take a lot more than that if you want it to succeed. Your startup’s most critical phase is the early stages,...

/ October 18, 2012

Why Hiring Friends is a Bad Idea?

Hiring friends is a dangerous proposition, but one that many business owners and managers still dive into without understanding all of the risks. There are many reasons why people consider hiring friends. Maybe someone desperately needs a job, and they...

/ October 17, 2012

Small Business Blogging Tips

You have a product with great value. You have determined that it is something people want. You have decided to blog about your product but you’re not sure about the best way to write your content. Today, we’ll look at...

/ October 4, 2012