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The True Meaning Of Yoga

Immerse yourself in the thought of yoga (union with God), inwardly non-attached and even-minded in both success and failure. Perfect evenness of mind and feeling itself the definition of yoga. – The Gita In the West and these days even in...

/ January 25, 2017
Thoughts Are Scattered Like Birds

Thoughts Are Scattered Like Birds

It is the nature of the mind to be constantly in motion. Thoughts come un-abided and wreak havoc on the mind. A great Yogi once said that his “disobedient thoughts are scattered like birds before a hunter”. One key to...

/ December 12, 2016
Social Media: Are you even listening?

Social Media: Are you even listening?

Are you listening on social media?I am sick and tired of hearing entrepreneurs and business owners saying that social media does not work. They do not want to invest time, money or effort because they say the ROI is miserable....

/ September 7, 2016
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Can Business Strategy Advice Really Help?

It is quite a predicament that small business owners face when it comes to getting strategy advice. Time and again I have seen consultants offer some insights into how a small brand may enter a highly competitive market and gain...

/ March 31, 2014

Reclaim time by unsubscribing!

I am a serial entrepreneur and like most entrepreneurs, I tend to find that there are not enough hours in a day. Running two large companies, catering to hobbies, spending time with the family, keeping fit, travelling and taking the...

/ March 20, 2014

10 Business lessons from Wolf Of Wall Street

These are some important business lessons an entrepreneur can learn from The Wolf Of Wall Street film. After watching the film, I wrote this post in an adrenaline driven frenzy. If you have not yet watched The Wolf Of Wall...

/ February 3, 2014