For those of you considering building an online media empire – even a small one – go read Ben Yoskovtiz’s 10 Steps to Building an Online Media Empire. He profiles Wendy Piersall and her mini blog empire relating to stay at home parents. Plus he gives, as his article title suggests, 10 steps that you can follow as well.

Now granted, the steps are a nutshell explanation of what needs to be done, but they’re as good a starting point as any. Here’s the bold text from his article’s steps.

  1. Build up a popular blog on a specific niche.
  2. Develop a strong brand.
  3. Make lots of friends.
  4. Master monetization.
  5. Learn more about marketing.
  6. Find opportunities offline.
  7. Get help.
  8. Be a teacher.
  9. Realize it’s a business.
  10. Expand slowly but promote like a crazy.

Blogging is sort of similar to golfing, in the sense that if you want to be good at it – and thus successful – everything has to be aligned. It’s not just about writing, and if you build it, “they” won’t necessarily come. It takes promotion and other efforts in tandem.

I want to particularly emphasize Ben’s points #2-4:

  • Strong brands are memorable; they draw people back, whether because of a great logo design, an attractive website design, or a catchy name.
  • Making friends online is as important as building relationships with customers for offline businesses. Friends will link to you, watch out for you, vote on social media sites for your articles, and vice versa.
  • It’s all for naught if you don’t come up with an effective way to monetize. But online commerce really still is in its infancy, and monetization models might change. Stay on top of them.