For those entrepreneurs who believe that marketing is intended exclusively for customers, think again. Brand Autopsy encourages companies to spend money on employees because if you “astonish employees they will in turn astonish customers”.

On the other hand, every employee is a potential marketing weapon through word-of-mouth advertising with their family and friends. Do not limit marketing to your Marketing Logo Design department alone but work to get the whole company involve in all your campaigns or initiatives. Yes, your accounting logo design, IT, operations, and HR are your untapped marketing units. Here are some things you can do:

  1. If you have less than 10 employees, involve all of them in your brainstorming sessions about developing new products or crafting your marketing strategies. You might be surprised that some great ideas do not come from the marketing guys!
  2. Activate your receptionists. Since many customers call your office, why not take advantage of this opportunity to promote your new products or services. Create a non-traditional script where you can insert some subtle advertisements.
  3. Encourage all employees to monitor competition regularly and reward those who gather useful information. Create a database where you can store and analyze all information.