Nicolas Pozio started Adiva Corporation back in 1996 to implement the concept of combining the agility of the scooter with the safety and comfort of the car – a patented design that has a fold-able roof and introduced the first such hybrid vehicle in 2000 under the Benelli brand in Milan, Italy. Later Renault also branded and sold a restyled version.

Adiva scooter motorcycles are sleek and stylish to look at and appear to be comfortable and safe to ride. You can see a lot of them in cities like Rome and Milan in Italy and also in Singapore. More and more cities are adopting this new hybrid vehicle for the obvious benefits.

The Adiva motor logo design is a simple illustrative logo of a hybrid vehicle – the scooter motorcycle shown in a clean brush stroke. The design shows the shape of the hybrid vehicle that Adiva has developed and also distinguishes via color the patented fold-able roof. Below the graphic image is the name Advia in a modern and smooth kind of font.

I like this motorcycle logo design immensely. The illustrative icon is awesome. However, I am not too thrilled with the font for the company. Some how the icon and the company seem to be disconnected and do not integrate well together. It looks almost as if the company name was pasted below the icon as an after thought. I believe the choice of the font and the color was to give the logo and then brand a kind of modern and sleek look.

Picture 2

Adiva Corporation updated it’s logo recently to a more 3D style logo design with chrome effect and much more abstract logo icon. The new logo design shows an abstract scooter shape with emphasis on a hidden “A” in the icon. It does not however, look like the hybrid vehicle.

The chrome and 3D effect is nice and as an emblem on the vehicles looks cool. I do not actually see the company name attached to the new logo. Not on their website and but I did see the name on the vehicles. It could be a branding strategy like Apple logo, who does not actually use the word Apple in it’s logo design.

Posted by Mash Bonigala

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