About Me

I am Mash Bonigala and this is my personal domain. I am an Award-winning Brand Strategist and an entrepreneur having launched several online businesses. I am the founder and CEO of a leading branding agency – SpellBrand with studios in New York, London, Sydney and Dubai.

I am also a Venture Capitalist with an incubator in the works. I actively seek out awesome brands, ventures, and ideas and invest them. I bring finance and a world class team to the table to invest in and take new businesses and ideas to the next level.

This page is all about me, me and more me. So if you are allergic to bragging, I suggest you skip this page! Jokes aside, on this page I try to reveal as much about myself as possible so you can get to know me, my interests in life and my passions.


Back in 1998, I launched a branding company with a friend of mine and today it is one of the leading online small business branding companies. I love designing logos and brands and have a deep understanding of the effects of design and identity on the consumers and ultimately on the bottom line. I design with an emphasis on making the identity create the right impact on the target market and enable my clients to build trust and grow their business.

I also specialize in brand strategy and help take brands from inception to launch, marketing and beyond.

To date, I have won 9 GDUSA Awards for brands I created for my clients.

Web 2.0 Applications

In 2008 I launched Ringgle – an online business solution to small business owners that brings together more than 10 different tools under one roof – web design, content management, e-commerce features including selling online, analytics, photo galleries and more. Ringgle helps small business owners take their business online easily and affordably. In September 2011 the base platform BC was acquired by Adobe!

I also run a web-security software development company with a base in Sacramento, CA. That company specializes in online e-commerce development, online security modules for payment gateways and other Web 2.0 applications.


I love traveling and to date, I have visited 232 cities in 28 countries on 4 continents. My family loves traveling as much as I do and we take 1000s of photos and videos during our visits. Historical places are of special interest and our latest visit to Italy in 2010 was truly exciting! The best trip so far – I and my family went on an Epic European Road Trip in August 2011 – driving more than 2000 miles, 5 counties and 10 cities – had a blast!!

2010 Trips

We traveled to wonderful Italy – a trip back in time (Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice and more). Later in the year we visited Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011 Trips

The best trip so far – I and my family went on an Epic European Road Trip in August 2011 – driving more than 2000 miles, 5 counties and 10 cities – had a blast!!

2012 Trips

In 2012, we traveled to Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Jersey Islands and tons of fun! Please read this post on our trip to Prague.

2013 Trips

2013 was an extremely busy year as I expanded SpellBrand to the Middle East and opened a new studio in Dubai. We could only do one trip and that was to the beautiful Budapest, Hungary! We were inspired to visit Budapest by a song by one of our favorite stars – Katy Perry (Firework).

2014 Trips

In 2014, we traveled to Lisbon and other places in Portugal, Madrid and other places in Spain and Cologne and other cities in Germany!

2015 Trips

In 2015, we traveled to Vilamoura and other places in Portugal, San Sebastian, Seville, Granada and other places in Spain and Loire Valley and other cities in France!

2016 Trips

In 2016, we traveled to Dalaman and other places in Turkey and spent three weeks of pure bliss! The best part was that we were there right in the middle of the biggest coup attempt Turkey ever saw and we were not even aware of the chaos in the streets of Istanbul!

World Wonders

We have been to 4 of the Old and New World Wonders and plan to visit all of them by 2015! The wonders we have been to are The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, The Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy and The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Next on our schedule is Chichen Itza in Yucatán, Mexico and Machu Picchu in Cuzco Region, Peru!

Film Making

I am also passionate about film making and video production and plan on launching my own production company. I plan to make at least 4 short films and submit them to film festivals in the US and in Europe.  (UPDATE: Have already completed 3 short films but have not submitted to any film festivals.)


On this personal blog, I write about my hobbies and interests such as movies, photography, travel, gadgets and of course business strategy. I also include videos that I make for my small business videos channel. I am always looking out for like-minded entrepreneurs to share my experience and perhaps work together launching the next big idea. Because I run and operate multiple online businesses, I have a lot that I can offer in terms of experience and knowledge in online e-commerce, online marketing (including search engine marketing) and brand development and strategy.

Zen, Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation came into my life mid 2010 and has become a serious part of my life. 3 Days a week, I and my wife spend 40 mins per session practicing Yoga. I also meditate twice a day for 20 minutes each. This has brought tremendous changes in our life. We feel better both physically and mentally.

I try and meditate daily, if I can. I love meditation and the positive changes it brought into my life.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me or schedule a one-to-one brand strategy consultation.

And oh yeah! I love helicopters!!

My New Toy!

I Love Choppers!

And I love Paragliding!


Paragliding over Interlaken, Switzerland – 2500 feet!

And I love Vintage Cars!

vintage Ford model T car

Driving a vintage Ford model T in Prague!

And I love Snow Boarding!


Snowboarding on Mt. Titlis, Switzerland

And I love Luxury Yachts!

luxury yacht in monaco

On a luxury yacht in Monaco!


Captaining a small luxury yacht off the coast of Malta!

And I love speed-boating on the ocean!

speed boat monte carlo

On a speed boat in Monte Carlo with my wife and daughters!

And I love my Pug Dexter!

speed boat monte carlo

Dexter in a bonnet after a small surgery! Look at this sad face! He is such a clown!