Month: March 2014

business strategy

Can Business Strategy Advice Really Help?

It is quite a predicament that small business owners face when it comes to getting strategy advice. Time and again I have seen consultants offer some insights into how a small brand may enter a highly competitive market and gain...

/ March 31, 2014

How The Purge Ruined My Sunday

I must admit, The Purge is the worst movie I have seen this year! I am actually glad I did not go to the cinema to watch this as I had originally planned to. When the Blue-ray came out last...

/ March 23, 2014

Are We Connected To The Stars?

For my weekend writing, I decided to explore the vast and sometimes controversial topic of Vedic Astrology and how humans may be connected to the cosmic energies of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Vedic Astrology dictates that there are patterns...

/ March 23, 2014

Reclaim time by unsubscribing!

I am a serial entrepreneur and like most entrepreneurs, I tend to find that there are not enough hours in a day. Running two large companies, catering to hobbies, spending time with the family, keeping fit, travelling and taking the...

/ March 20, 2014