Let The Phone Fall From The Dashboard!

Have you ever noticed while driving that if your mobile phone falls from you dashboard, you tend to get so much worked up? You lose focus on the driving, you tend to become anxious and most often than not you tend to try and reach down – while still driving – and try and retrieve the phone, jeopardising yourself, your passengers and every one else on the road!
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Can Business Strategy Advice Really Help?

It is quite a predicament that small business owners face when it comes to getting strategy advice. Time and again I have seen consultants offer some insights into how a small brand may enter a highly competitive market and gain market share but the advice comes across as very vague and more inspirational than practical.

I do not blame these consultants or strategists. In fact I am a strategist myself. Small businesses can not afford to pay well and business strategists can not hence put in the time and effort required to come up with practical strategies that are actionable and guaranteed to produce results.
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How The Purge Ruined My Sunday

I must admit, The Purge is the worst movie I have seen this year! I am actually glad I did not go to the cinema to watch this as I had originally planned to. When the Blue-ray came out last week, I set aside some time this Sunday to watch the film. Here is my review of it (full of spoilers).
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Statue of indian hindu god Shiva Nataraja - Lord of Dance

Are We Connected To The Stars?

For my weekend writing, I decided to explore the vast and sometimes controversial topic of Vedic Astrology and how humans may be connected to the cosmic energies of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Vedic Astrology dictates that there are patterns in the Universe that repeat and by understanding these patterns and identifying them with the movement of various stars and planets, we can then find matching movements and hence connect the various incidents of the human life and and perhaps even predict the future.
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Reclaim time by unsubscribing!

I am a serial entrepreneur and like most entrepreneurs, I tend to find that there are not enough hours in a day. Running two large companies, catering to hobbies, spending time with the family, keeping fit, travelling and taking the dog out to the park all require copious amounts of time. On top of that, being active on social media, writing articles and reading other peoples articles fight for my time.

I have been looking for ways to cut down on the activities that I do in any given day and started with taking a look at my email which takes up almost 2-3 hours of my work day and sometimes even more on the weekends. The inbox is open on my screen most of the time and my attention is drawn to emails that keep pouring in.
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Using Lines in Photography

We hear all the time that it is important to consider line and form in photography. However, it is rare that someone is specific about exactly what this means. Here are several tips for using lines to improve your pictures and make maximum impact just like the pros do.
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10 Business lessons from Wolf Of Wall Street

These are some important business lessons an entrepreneur can learn from The Wolf Of Wall Street film. After watching the film, I wrote this post in an adrenaline driven frenzy.

If you have not yet watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, I would suggest you go watch it and then come back to read this post because it is full of spoilers and you will enjoy it more once you know what I am talking about.

This film has the to be the best I have seen in 2013 and 2014. It is fast, compelling with tight direction from Martin Scorsese, a performance of his life from Leonardo DiCaprio and a superbly written story by Terrence Winter. The film is based on the true story of the real life Wall Street wolf, Jordan Belfort.
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Autumn Photography

This time of year brings natural beauty and fun textures, enough to make you want to pull out your camera and shoot away. However, there are a few things to think about when planning the perfect autumn shot. Here are a few tips for get the very best autumn photography.
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Pre-Wedding Photography: Latest Trend

If you think about it, a person’s wedding is an odd time to take a picture of them. There is no time more exhausting and stressful in a person’s life, and no event more momentous or distracting. This leaves many to wonder if this is really the ideal day to get a picture of the happy couple-to-be.

In many countries, wedding pictures in all their stressful glory are just part of the package. In addition to these, couples also sit for pre-wedding photographs. This captures them in a more natural and stress-free setting while allowing them to get more enjoyment out of the process. The result is often a true keepsake: a portrait of this important part of a couple’s life that is captured during a calm and happy period. For this reason, pre-wedding photography is taking off in the United States and other countries.
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